The Second Round

Barring an occurrence completely out of what's expected (like a Dwyane Wade 1st round domination), the Eastern Conference Semifinals is pretty much etched in stone.  The Celtics, along with the Hawks, Cavs and Magic will be there.  Now the question is who would you like to face most?

Each team brings different challenges to the table.  Orlando knocked the C's out last year and are the defending conference champs.  Outside of opening night this season the Cavs have dominated the Celtics at  home the past few seasons and have the player who along with Bean Bryant gets the most calls in the league, which could really come into play in a 7 game series.  Then you have the Hawks who gave the Celts all they could handle in the first round back in 2008, before they won a series last year and have been even more impressive this year.

So who would you like to face the most in the second round?  For the record give me the Hawks.  I know they beat the Celtics early this season at home and really outplayed them in that game.  But in a 7 game series this year, with Joe Johnson's free agency sure to be looming, give me them.  Let the Magic and Cavs play each other.