Lakers gift-wrapped one in Milwaukee

Their length is overrated.  Their tenacity is overrated.  They, my friends are overrated.  I'm talking about the Los Angeles Lakers who were gift-wrapped a game tonight against the Bucks.  This game went into overtime when it shouldn't have.  Ilyasova of Milwaukee was called for 2 lane violations on free throws in the game- when does that ever happen?  The second one he was clearly dragged into the lane by Ron Artest.  2 do-overs for free throws for Pussy Gasol.

In overtime Bryant travels while charging on the second to last possession- and the refs meet and decide to give a blocking foul and-one call.  An utter disgrace of a call if I've ever seen one.  It was either a walk or a charge.

Bucks were up 6 with 1:24 to go and couldn't close this one out.

Keep gloating ESPN motherfuckers.  All you "experts" out there keep promoting this 6 man deep team as unbeatable.  It's gonna come back to bite you all.  And I'll be sure to reference this article in June.