C's Blitz Bulls for 10th Straight Win

After losing to Orlando in what seems like ages ago, you may have remembered me mentioning that a 10 game winning streak would cure everything.  In case you don't, here's the link.  With tonight's win, that gives the Celtics 10 in a row and coupled with a Faker's loss that I also predicted, Boston now officially owns the top record in the league, even if it's only by percentage points.

My observations:
  • Good all around effort by the Celts.  A well-balanced attack offensively and limited minutes for all of the starters not named Rajon Rondo.
  • I had the Bulls announcers, Neil Funk and Stacey King.  I have a hunch Stacey King was given that job by John Paxson otherwise he'd be homeless.  Seriously Chicago has had some legendary players and even solid role players.  Why does that fat ass get that job?  He adds zero to the commentary and his career was a joke, especially after being the 6th pick in the draft.  At least Bill Wennington, who does the Bulls radio, played hard and exceeded expectations.  King should be canned for someone like Jud Buechler.
  • I don't think I can ever get sick of watching Joakim Noah lose.  I wish he was on the Nets this season.  If his team went 0-82 I'd enjoy every minute of it.

  • Vinny Del Negro will be fired by the All Star break, that's my prediction.  No way should that team be playing that badly.  They've just quit on him.
  • One thing interestingly mentioned by the Bulls' announcers was that they think Tyrone Lue will be playing for the Celtics after the All Star Break.  Funk mentioned seeing him before the game in practice gear going through drills that are usually reserved for players.
    • I do hope this means a deal for another backup wing is in the works which will open up a roster spot.  When House can't play the 2 the Celtics are in trouble until Daniels returns.  2 months without him is critical.  Obviously I'm not sold on Tony Allen being consistently relied upon.
All in all an impressive victory for their 10th in a row.  One more road game in Memphis Monday until they're off until next Friday at home.  Hope they can really focus in and win that game vs the Grizzlies.