Celts Beat Wolves

Ok so this game hasn't even been played yet but I thought it'd be amusing to do a recap before the game.  Ya know, then come back after and make edits (if needed) and add a picture.

Edits in red lol.
  • Good balanced attack from the Celts tonight.  Thanks to Rajon for setting the pace right from the start- that really distanced the Celtics from Minnesota.
  • No T's for Sheed tonight which is nice to see. Although Perk picked up his 7th because he got wacked in the face and there was no call.
  • Only 2 refs for this one.  Shouldn't the game have been postponed?  That's like one team not having 5 guys to play.  Is it me or is that a diss in the face of the refs, saying we can have 2 people to do 3 people's job?
  • It sucked having to put the starters back in this one.  Also giving up 104 points to Minnesota is rather putrid.
  • Kudos to Tony Allen yet again for playing very well, yet again.  When Marquis comes back I'm not minding the idea of all 5 starters off the floor.  This oughta give Ray/Paul even more rest.
    • Speaking of Tony, congrats on being part of the play of the night (possibly of the season).  Eddie House saved the ball behind his back from going out of bounds (pictured above) to Tony Allen who threw down a dunk over Corey Brewer.  Fantastic stuff.
  • I still hate Kurt Rambis and enjoy everytime he loses.  Same for Bill Laimbeer.
  • Pecherov isn't getting as much time anymore.  At least he can tell his kids he had that amazing game against Boston earlier this season.
All in all a nice win.  I'm confident they'll smoke Indiana on Tuesday and am looking forward to Christmas' showdown with the Magic.  Hopefully they can pick up that win to offset the terrible loss to Philly on Friday.

Lastly pretty good job by me, predicting what would happen (although no 3s from Sheed) lol.