Celtics Outlast Grizzlies, first team to 20 Wins

As I expected it to go, this game was close from start to finish.  I watched the Grizzlies manhandle the Heat in Miami last night so I knew they could play:
  • Celts win this one with another balanced offensive attack (this is something I'll never get sick of saying all year round).  7 C's between 9 and 19 points (the starting 5 along with Wallace and House).
  • Perkins got called for 2 terrible fouls in the first half.  The one where Ranolph flailed and they bailed him out was awful.  The subsequent one where he got called for a moving pick on Gay when he wasn't even in the vicinity of him was very lousy.  Kudos to Perk for keeping focus and playing through those.
  • More kudos to Shelden Williams, who really made his presence known out there.  His minutes have been inconsistent but he was in the middle of every play on the boards tonight, coming up with 5 rebounds (including 4 offensive) in just 12 minutes.  I loved the hustle.
  • I gotta disagree with Mike Gorman, making 2 references to Chris Wallace not turning out so badly with the Gasol for Kwame Brown trade.  That Grizzlies team right now would be that much more potent if Pau Gasol was starting in place of Marc Gasol.  They never would've acquired Ranolph and Thabeet could be getting more time (which based on tonight's game is something he deserves) .  Imagine Gay, Conley Sr's son, and Mayo with a legit inside offensive presence?  In my opinion they'd be in the mix for a 4 or 5 seed.  The Buffoon botched that up big time while immensely helping our most hated enemy.
  • But I digress.  Zach Ranolph is a defensive sieve.  If you thought that was a typo the first 3 times, I'm sorry it was intentional: anyone with those defensive tendencies cannot have a "D" anywhere near his name.  He was horrendous out there tonight defensively.  A total albatross.
  • They say when something's not broke it doesn't need fixing.  However I need to point out yet again the need for another wingman, preferably one with size to defend perimeter big men.  Please make a deal to bring back James Posey or someone of that mold.  KG can't do it for extended minutes.  It's going to hurt the Celtics in the Orlando game against Rashard Lewis.
  • Speaking of the roster, it was announced that Lester Hudson is being sent to the D League (am I the only one that legitimately thinks Pruitt was better than him and farther along in development?)  This raises an interesting issue.  Will Bill Walker be brought up to provide minutes in the absence of Daniels?  Is Giddens a goner (preferably for someone who can play)?  Will someone be waived so Lue can start playing as the backup point guard?  Knowing Danny I doubt anything is brewing which in my opinion is not the way to go.  Sure Tony Allen was solid again tonight (which marks 2 games in a row) but I don't know how long he can maintain that level of play.
All in all not the most impressive Celtics display of the season but they made the plays down the stretch they needed to, including the dagger 3 pointer by Ray Allen which sealed the deal.  Hopefully the Grizzlies remember to play that way against the Fakers the next time they meet.