The Baron sinks Celts at buzzer

Tough one to watch tonight as the Celtics lead for most of the game while outplaying the Clippers.  In a game the Celtics lead throughout they fall at the buzzer to the Clippers on a Baron Davis buzzer beater.  This happened after Rondo missed 2 free throws with 1.5 seconds left.  

My thoughts:
  • Mike Gorman couldn't be more on point when he alluded to how strikingly different the Staples Center is for Flakers game instead of Clippers.  It looks like a different arena (other than the logo on the floor most of this can be attributed to how the lights are lowered further for the Lakers games in the stands around the court).
  • Eric Gordon has a most unorthodox game.  I don't know if I've ever seen a single game where a player comes so close to traveling on every play.  I don't see him play enough to know if tonight was an aberration or the norm.
  • Rasheed Wallace's shot from the post (pictured above) over Brian Skinner in the 1st half was the slowest move I've seen by a player since they did away with the Old Timer's Game on All Star Weekend.  Watching it live literally looked like it was in slow-motion.
  • I knew Davis was taking that last shot.  I was hoping Tony Allen would defend him and not Rondo.  I was hoping for a lineup of Ray, Tony, Perk, KG and either Sheed or Scalabrine.  Wasn't Novak on the floor for that last play?  Perfect guy for Scalabrine to defend.
Tough one to deal with and really could've used Paul on that last offensive play (or for Rondo to make at least the first free throw).  That's 2 buzzer beating losses for the Celts (76ers & Clippers) while the Flakers had 2 ridiculous buzzer beating wins (Heat & Bucks).  These really hurt in the long run.