What about Marquis?

With the off-season addition of Rasheed Wallace, it is easy to overlook the smaller move the Celtics made. This of course is the signing of swingman Marquis Daniels.  In Daniels you have a guy that is versatile enough to play multiple positions on the court, including point guard.  He is an outstanding defender, can hit the open jumper, and can create his own shot off the dribble.  Best of all, he is extremely humble and only cares about winning. He passed up more money and playing time to compete for a championship. With all the flash and look at me attitude going on in basketball today, this is quite refreshing.

Marquis is a perfect fit for this Celtics team.  Boston needed a hybrid type of player similar to James Posey, and Marquis could be even better than he was.  While he might not have the length of Posey, he is a better offensive player and ball handler.  The Celtics have plenty of shooters on the perimeter, so this fits exactly what they need.  I still don't think they are playing him enough, especially since 3 of their 5 games haven't been competitive.  We already know how the starting five mesh together.  Why not mix and match different lineups so we can be even better prepared for the playoffs?
Danny Ainge did a great job with his additions in the off-season because he played it safe.  The Lakers, Magic, and Cavs all made big name additions, but they were also risky additions.  Say what you want about Rasheed, but he has always been a great teammate. The fact that he is such close friends with Garnett made it even more of a sure thing.  Marquis Daniels had given the Celtics fits when he was on Indiana, and also didn't have a big price tag. Add that to the fact that it was a 1 year deal, and there was nothing really to lose.   It all seems very logical when you think about it, but most teams still go with the risk over the sure thing. Even the Sheldon Williams pick up seems to have been a great addition, though it is still too early to tell.  Now all Danny has to do is ship Tony Allen to a remote island and bring back Leon Powe!