Thanks Steve Blake, for Ruining My Night

Sometimes it's tough watching other games in the NBA. But when the C's are off, and League Pass is a part of your channels, it's the best reality TV out there. I mean I guess you never know what's gonna happen, right?
Well I'd like to thank you, Steve Blake, for ruining my evening. See the Blazers had the Hawks down- up 10 with about 6 minutes or so left in the 4th. And he proceeded to suck. In the end of the 4th and in overtime he missed 2 open jumpers from the corner (when the Hawks defense converged on Roy) and then stepped out of bounds in the corner.

I haven't watched the Blazers too much but why the hell is Blake out there over Andre Miller in crunch time? And Blake starts over Miller too? Nate McMillan, you ok out there?

I know the Hawks are playing over their heads right now: trust me they'll come back to earth and settle in as the 4 or 5 seed (still think Chicago will be there). But on a non-Celts Monday night it'd be nice seeing them lose a game that they probably should've lost.
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