"Scal-a-brine" chants on the road, as Boston moves to 5-0

What Sheed does after knocking down a 3

What a fun game to watch.  Despite the horrific shooting start for the Celtics (2-13) they really settled down and looked amazing.  For anyone who missed the game, here's a few fun things:

  • Sheed got his first technical of the season in the 3rd quarter after arguing that he was fouled by Kapono on the shot instead of on the pass, which is what the refs called (btw, it was definitely a shot).  Funny thing after this, Iguadola was fouled by Shelden Williams at the buzzer to end the 3rd, to which Sheed yelled "that was on the pass too."  Andre couldn't help but laugh out loud.  Also Sheed was boisterous with his "Ball Don't Lie" when the 76er missed the technical foul shot.
  • I really love Marquis Daniels.  He plays with such a composure and is all about helping the team win.  His stat line may not stick out tonight- 6 points, 3 assists and 4 rebounds in 28 minutes- but he's just so heady.  For what it's worth he had the highest plus-minus for the C's tonight at +31.
  • Interesting stat of the night: KG and Ray combine for 8 points, the exact same number as Giddens and Hudson.  You know it's an incredible thing when the team wins by 31 and Garnett and Allen only scored 8 points combined.

  • Shelden Williams is really growing on me.  11 points and 7 rebounds in 23 minutes.  Not sure what it is but there's something about him that reminds me of Len Bias (probably me still being sentimental after watching that very good special earlier).  No he's not as talented or heralded as Len.  But his physique is similar.  And his height.  And he's from an ACC school.  Ok sorry for the tangent, just thinking out loud here.
  • Doc's minutes management was excellent: Ray and Paul each went for a team high of 31 tonight.  Sheed had 24, Marquis 28 and Shelden 23.  Still would like to get House more minutes than 15 in a game like that.  Hopefully this is a sign of things to come, not just the fact there's another game tomorrow night in Minnesota.
  • Just like the title of the article, Scalabrine was hearing chants of his name on the road.  Always a good thing as it symbolizes a blowout win is in hand.  Scal played well in his first appearance of the season going for 5 points including a 3 pointer.
Lastly, the Magic lost their first game tonight and as I was typing this the Fakers were going to overtime against the Thunder (damn why didn't Durant take a better shot than that?).  Things are looking good right now :)