New Perkins interview on his shot blocking skills

Perkins gave a glimpse into the mind of a shot-blocker:
Good block, bad block: “A good block is when you can block a shot and keep it in play. A block, rebound, keep it in play where you get the possession. A bad block is when you block it and block it out of bounds and you’ve got to play defense all over again.”
Timing is everything: “Timing, you’ve got to read. I think you’ve got to read, see what’s going on. Sometimes you’ve got to judge whether or not you can actually block the shot. Is it worth trying to go and block it? So it’s all timing and decision making.”
Judgment call: “Well, you can tell if a guy’s out of position as far as just how he goes up, if he’s kind of capable of making the shot. If a guy goes up out of control, you kind of want to fall back and just wait for a rebound.”
Making the move: “When it leaves his hands, then you jump up.”
Kendrick Perkins has really grown as a player in Boston. Every year he improves.  I think its silly when people ask whether Rasheed should start over Perkins.  Perk should be the Celtics starting center for the next ten years in my opinion.