Mike Gorman on the Rondo deal & the NBA's financial future

Not only is Rajon Rondo rich, he's also smart. Don't buy all the hype about gazillions of dollars floating around next summer for free agents. The economy has had a serious reality check. The NBA and it's owners were not and are not immune, and things are not going to get appreciably better in the next 6-9 months (want to bet where interest rates are headed?) Lebron may get what he wants if he stays in Cleveland. Wade may get a pile because the Knicks will have to save face. The Bosh's and Stoudemire's and Johnson's of the world are in for a reality check. I'm guessing that 15 months out with a new CBA in place, Rondo's 55 million is going to look really good (as if somehow 55 million couldn't look really good...but that's the fantasy world these guys live in). Watch for most of these guys to stay with their current team. That's where they can get the most dough.
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