Just Awful

I'm a glass half full kind of guy when it comes to sports.  Even though the Celtics won last night, they played by far their worst game of the season.  Usually a win is a win, but in this case it just isn't true. The Nets are terrible with their full roster, but with only 8 players that dressed, they resembled more of an NBDL team than an NBA team.  I don't want to hear the excuse that it was the second game of a back to back.  If you are a championship team you blow this Nets team out of the water.

Where do I begin? The Celtics had no ball movement in the first half. Rasheed continued to take wild three pointers instead of trying to score inside.  For the second night in a row the Celtics played uninspired on the defensive end, allowing way too many easy layups.  They turned the ball over, and were fortunate enough that the Nets kept doing the same. I think the Celtics got about 20 steals that game, but half of them were gift wrapped.

On the positive side, Doc played the bench more than usual. Also, my boy Scalabrine made some big shots in the second half, and Sheldon Williams did a solid job on the boards.  Even JR Giddens got a few minutes of playing time.  The Celtics played well down the stretch, especially in the 4th quarter when Ray Allen hit some big shots to seal the game. 

The Celtics need to take these next 3 days and refocus.  Their trademark defense has looked extremely soft these past two games. Being an older team, fatigue is understandable, but not this early in the season. There is no excuse for lack of energy and effort, and that is what I saw from the Celtics for most of last night.  Here's hoping they get their act together and put this game behind them.