Doc tells 'Sheed to chill on the 3's

"I got on him, and I rarely do, about the threes," Rivers admitted. "Because even though he was wide open, it's really tough. I mean, he was wide open and he took two, but we had just taken two quick ones. But he's got an incredibly high basketball IQ. He's been phenomenal in the locker room. So, I'm just happy to have him."
Wallace has attempted 70 three-pointers this season, hitting 31.4% of them. He's on pace for 500 attempts in 2009-10.

Now that's in only 21 mpg. So 5.83 three point attempts a game. For reference, Antoine Walker averaged 4.8 per game in 35.3 mpg. That means that Rasheed Wallace is attempting 3 pointers at more than twice the rate 'Tione did. Let's hope that Rasheed hears Doc, because I've liked his defense and his quick bonding with his teammates, but the mad bombing has to cease. You're almost 7 feet tall!