The Cheat Code

Jessica Camerato has a nice new piece out on Eddie House with some great quotes from the Suns. Eddie is from Arizona and goes back and practices with the Suns players each Summer.
“I call him the ‘Cheat Code,’ really because every time he shoots you think it’s going in,” Frye said. “Like in a video game, a basketball game, you put one person into one spot and they’re going make it every time. And that’s him. Yeah, he’s the ‘Cheat Code.’”
“Any time he’s open it’s like, dang it’s going in,” said Jason Richardson.
Grant Hill:
“I tell you what, that guy did not miss. He’s a great shooter,” he said. “There were some days that he got hot, and when a guy like him gets going it can be fun to watch.”
Frye on the Summer games:
“We were playing to 15 and he’d make five threes – one, two, three, four, five – boom, game over.”
Personally I have the most confidence on the team when Eddie is shooting. Even more than Ray. Sometimes if a team is focusing on House it can be hard for him to get his shot off, but if they give him an inch a half inch, he makes them pay time and time again. I've been surprised/impressed with Eddie this year as he seems to be taking it to hoop a little more and working hard on defense even if he's not getting the looks on offense. "The Cheat Code" is an awesome nickname for House. No ten point lead is safe for the opposing team if Eddie is in the game. He's like an NBA Jam character.