If someone in the NBA had to have gotten Swine Flu it really should have been Lebron as was first rumored. Supposedly David Stern wouldn't allow it, so it goes to poor Chris Douglas-Roberts instead. There's a rumor that Dick Bavetta was involved in CDR getting the Swine Flu instead of Lebron, but that rumor is unsubstantiated at this point in time. I was all set for my LeCrab is now LeSwine title. I was even going to look up how to say "is now" in French, but oh well. We really don't want anyone to get the H1N1, but it should be noted that if New Jersey has CDR instead of the 57 year old Trenton Hassell on Saturday night, the C's probably lose that game to one of the worst teams ever thrown out on a basketball court. Rafer "Skip to another T.O."Alston and Trenton Hassell in the backcourt? Bobby Simmons and Josh Boone as the starting forwards? Their 6th man was who, Eduardo Najera? Are my eyes correct, did Mookie Blaylock and Roy Hinson each get five minutes of run as well?  Probably the worst win I've ever seen the Celtics come away with. Watching the game felt like a virus. Better than a loss I guess. Here's to a speedy recovery to CDR, and a better effort by the Celtics on Wednesday against the Jazz.

More notes from whatever the Nets call their soon to be former arena:

  • Many high school gyms look better than this dump. Their scoreboard is so tiny compared to the one at the TD Bank Garden. I think it's a 32 inch Insignia.
  • They tried the noise meter a half a dozen times and couldn't get past the "mild" level.
  • The halftime show consisted of a bunch of kids playing musical chairs. We worked hard to get the kid in front of us into this contest and he was the first one eliminated. What a loser. 
  • I think their promo guy was Marquis Daniels. This would explain him being out with "personal reasons." Marquis is a much better baller than hype man. This guy was awful.
  • The girl who won the musical chairs contest was refusing to accept the autographed Devin Harris basketball. Her dad had to come on the court to take it.
  • They sell Nets practice jerseys that are reversible. On the other side is a player from the other team.  How pathetic.
  • They actually tried to say on the PA system as the game concluded that people should buy tickets. "Limited supplies available." LOL. There was a ratio of one Nets fan Celtics fan to 8 empty seats. There's no limited supplies of tickets.
  • They give you a great tasting bag of healthy chips as you exit the stadium. Everything is backwards. They should offer you a half slab of ribs, a New york sirloin, or a Swine Flu vaccination to enter the stadium.

Here's a video I found to show you how much limited seating is available.