Brandon Jennings goes off for 55 points

Not too bad for the rookie one year out of High School. There's been plenty of non stars that have scored over 50. Willie Burton I'm talking to you, but still this must be giving some GM's a little bit of drafter's remorse. If I recall correctly, 
Jennings wanted to go to the Knicks, but they passed on him for Jordan Hill. Just a guess, but I'm thinking Lebron would look at New York more favorably if they had Jennings at this point. Jennings becomes the youngest NBA player ever to score 50 or more. 55 points is also the most by a rookie since 1968 when Earl Monroe had 56. Still a long season, but 
right now Tyreke Evans and Jennings seem to be the most impressive rookies. Once Blake Griffin returns, he should still have enough time to make a run at the rookie of the year as well.