All I Want for Thanksgiving is a Celtics Blow Out

Get Pumped Up Celtics Fans!
Tonight I'm going out to a local bar for a high school reunion of sorts. It's a Thanksgiving Eve tradition, and it will be great seeing old friends I haven't seen in a year. Nothing would make me happier than leaving for the bar knowing the Celtics were cruising to an easy victory.

The Celtics struggles have been well documented the last 8 games.  They've had problems making open shots, rebounding, and playing consistent perimeter defense.  Rondo has hit an incredible 33% of his free throws, and I mean incredible in the worst possible way.  I want to see an old school type of Celtics game tonight, which means clamp down defense and hustle. No more of these games in the triple digits.  Boston is going to win the title with defense, not scoring.

I want to see Nasty Daniels play more than 25 minutes.  I want to see Rasheed take more shots in the paint than beyong the arc.  I want to see Rondo go 8 for 8 from the line.  Basically, I want to see this Celtics team play like they are capable of playing.  Celtics nation should wake up Thanksgiving morning with smiles on their faces.  Go C's!