Who should get cut?

Right before he dribbles the ball off his foot

There is a tight battle going on for the right to make this Celtics team.  One of five players won't make the final roster, but who will that be? Better yet, who should that be?  For those of you who have read my past columns, you know my distate for all things Tony Allen. But I will try to be as unbiased as possible in my opinions on who should be cut.

The five players on the bubble are; "Heart Attack" Tony Allen, Lester Hudson, Michael( Don't Call me Oliver Miller) Sweetney, J.R Giddens, and Bill Walker.  Let's be honest here, none of them will probably make much of an impact on the team this season.  However, with injuries they could play a role.

I think it is a no brainer you keep Giddens.  First off, the Celtics will make passing on Mario Chalmers look like an even bigger mistake if they get rid of the guy they took over him.  I still can't figure out that move.  Secondly, though he hasn't done really anything in the league yet, he has the tools to at least be a role player in this league.  I haven't seen any of the preseason games, but have heard he has had flashes of brilliance.

Bill Walker is another guy I think you definetly keep on this team.  Sure, he is injury prone, but I truly believe when healthy this guy can be a player in the NBA.  He can also be great for highlight reel plays during garbage time.  Lester Hudson needs to be on this team simply because we are very thin at the point guard position.  If god forbid Rondo went down, it isn't like we'd start Hudson, but we still need some type of depth at that position.  Plus, any guy that can score on the college level like Hudson did, can score at any level.  I don't care if he went to a small school, once a scorer always a scorer.

Now we come to the hard part.  Deciding between bad and worse.  I say cut both Sweetney and Tony Allen and never look back.  In fact let's cut Sweetney, Tony Allen, and Sheldon Williams and bring back Powe. Okay, I have a man crush on Leon Powe, but I still can't get over the fact that we let him go simply because we wanted Candice Parker in the stands( kind of joking). Anyway, Sweetney looks out of shape and hasn't proved to be anything but a 12-15 minute player on a terrible Knicks team.  I don't dislike the guy or anything, but he's not going to make an impact, and we already have good front court depth. 

Now on to my best friend Tony Allen.  I'm so sick and tired of people saying how he is talented and can defend.  No, Tony Allen is one of the worst players in the league that gets playing time.  His bad play to good play ratio is about 3-1. All of us Celtics fans know that when he has the ball in his hands we hold our breath, and not in a good way.  When you are picking the last players on your team you don't go with a risk,you go safe. 

Ultimately, if I had to pick one guy to cut I would pick Sweetney.  My reason for this is because we have more depth on the front line than in the backcourt. Also, who am I going to make fun of if Tony is gone? Seriously though, I don't really think we need either one of these players.  I would love to be able to pick up a veteran point guard at the trading deadline if possible. 

Who do you all think should be cut?