Who is this Year's James Posey?

The Celtics have had a great offseason. They've picked up Rasheed Wallace, Marquis Daniels, and re-signed Big Baby Davis. However, it remains to be seen who will be this year's James Posey. Maybe the better question is, do we need another James Posey? Or are the Celtics stacked enough to win it all already?

These questions are impossible to answer right now. Posey was a solid contributor all year, but his real worth came in the playoffs. This was most evident in the finals when he harassed Kobe into a subpar series. Marquis Daniels is the obvious choice to fill this void. He 's extremely versatile and does a lot of things well. His slasher style will compliment the outside shooters we already have. He can play multiple positions, which will allow Rondo, Pierce, and Ray to get a break. Any contribution from Lester Hudson or JR Giddens would be great as well, but I'm not counting on that. By the way, if anyone can explain to me why we took Giddens over Chalmers two years ago please let me know.

I think we may not even need another James Posey this year. On paper this team is already better than the 2008 champions were. Sure, we don't have a true back up point guard, but neither did that team. No, Sam Cassell's corpse was not a true back up. I think the Celtics can win it without Posey, if Marquis Daniels, Eddie House, and at least one of the young guys step up. It should be interesting to see who is available at the trade deadline, and if Ainge will make a move.

In the end you roll with what you have. We have five or six legitimate all star caliber players on this team. We have one of the most talented big men in the league coming off the bench. We have shooters, rebounders, shot blockers, ball handlers, and championship experience. Boston has all the tools for another title run. Will those parts all come together to culminate in a parade in June remains to be seen.