Thoughts from the Garden

So I had the opportunity to check out the C's this weekend at the Garden and figured one or two people might enjoy some first hand thoughts (really going for two...I'm ambitious).

First time I've seen KG live. He definitely has a presence. I'm telling you even if he could only play 15 minutes a game, he'd be a huge asset to a team. And anyone worrying about Rasheed acting up need not. Wallace seems to really respect Garnett. Not sure he had that in Detroit anymore with Prince, Rip, and Iverson.  While KG didn't look in pain at all, he didn't seem to have the same explosiveness he had prior to the injury, but it's coming.

Loves to hang out at the 3 point line a little too much, but if his name was James Posey, no one would mind. He's a huge addition to the C's. It's like having better than Posey on offense, but also having a guy who can D up 4's and 5's very well. While our Big 3 might be two yrs older than the championship season, we're better 4-7.

The weight loss is going to help Perkins. He might not be Big Al with his offensive moves, but he's better obviously on defense and is an emerging young big man in the NBA. In my opinion if it were not for the depth of the C's at the 4 and 5 positions, Perkins would be an All-Star this year. Wouldn't mind extending him now (with Rondo).

He's growing on me. At first, I was like what's the big deal? But watching him a few games now, he makes smart plays (the Bizarro Tony Allen), he can handle the ball (which is huge for a team with Eddie House), his teammates like him, and if he can stay healthy, he'll make our bench possibly the best in the league. I do feel if he cut his hair some, he might be a little quicker. Ha.

Eddie House:
You don't get the full House effect (pun intended) by watching Eddie on TV. At the game, he hypes up the team and I would say is the captain of the bench. House giving pounds all over the place and his energy are definite intangibles. On the court he's in season mode. No rust on his shot at all. Some people had talked about trading House this Summer. That would be foolish. Again if Daniels stays healthy and House gets to play a full season at the 2 for the C's this year, there will be a ton of House jerseys sold.

Got to the game late on Friday (shout out to Mike and Jay for that), but supposedly Rajon looked very good early in that game. His dunk yesterday was a crowd pleaser, but I'm waiting to see the Rondo vs. Bulls Rajon. It will come very soon (Hint: This might be the perfect time to lock up Rajon, Danny. You know the price only goes up after some upcoming triple doubles?)

Pierce was in midseason form yesterday. He seems to be all business and I believe he really wants that second ring. A second one really differentiates NBA stars. You're in a new class. Pierce is a huge key to this year's season. While KG was our MVP two seasons ago, in the playoffs you need someone who just plays out of his mind on offense. That was Pierce two years ago. Last year he was gassed. (Please limit Paul's minutes, Doc. Much thanks, sincerely JR)

Big Baby:
Glen Davis just isn't the same now after looking like he delivered a couple babies, but in all seriousness he does look very good and he compliments KG and 'Sheed well because he likes to mix it up down low. I worry some if Baby will be content with limited minutes this year, but if he is, he'll be the best fourth big in the league. Considering our first three, that's a huge luxury.

Nice to see Ray in person. I was impressed with his ball handling and driving skills, which we often don't notice at first. Very lost art of a guard who can drive, stop on a dime and shoot a short jumper.

Shelden didn't do much for me, but he didn't get that much run. He should be good I keep telling myself, but we'll know more in a few months. Kind of a red flag that Atlanta gave him away and Sacramento didn't pick him up, but sometimes it takes time to find a fit.

First one out of the locker room both games for the 2nd half practicing jumpers (I hope he finally has realized just to stick to jumpers. Those Scalabrine drives of the past were brutal). Fans definitely love him and he hit a few threes on Friday.

Tony Allen:
I think he played on Friday, which is a good thing (the fact I can't remember. Means minimal bone-headed plays observed). Sorry to say Tony right now is just an expiring contract and nothing more, which is fine, but if on some January night two wings are hurt, expect to see him doing his thing on the court (whatever that is).

In my opinion, JR is not an NBA player. He's no Spring chicken (older than Perk), doesn't seem to know what he's doing out there, is a shooting guard who can't shoot, and I'm not sure his head is screwed on that straight. He seemed to always be on the outside of the huddles passively listening. Yesterday at halftime he reminded me of a 14 year old kid clowning around, working on his handles and moves and trying desperately to impress the other players. I was all set to bet someone that Giddens was about to run and grab rim just to show he could. Sometimes I'm right (see Rondo over Sebastion "Through the Fire" Telfair) and sometimes I'm wrong (see Orien Greene over Delonte), but I've seen Gerald Green play (not a fan) and sorry Giddens is no Gerald Green. Prediction: Giddens 3rd year is declined prior to the season by Danny. Hope I'm wrong and Giddens becomes Latrell Sprewel, minus the PJ choakings.

I like Sweetney. He's Huge Baby right now, but he has a nice low post game, fans like him, seems like a good guy, and I'm pulling for him. Not sure if physically he can play NBA defense right now, but I'd love to see a double pick by Davis and Sweetney for Eddie or Ray at the buzzer.

Poor man's Anderson Hunt? Very possibly. Obviously another guy you root for, but he's a shooter, not a point guard. You can label him a point guard, but he still will never be one at the end of the day. He needs to play an Eddie House role on a team. He was differing on his shot this weekend to pass the ball (Eddie would never do that!). Maybe Doc has told him, "Hey look we know you can shoot. Let's just see if you have any playmaking skills in the preseason." If that's the case then fine, I wouldn't mind another Eddie House being groomed by the original (Eddie's getting a lot of love on here right now. Hook us up with a jersey for one of our giveaways Eddie). I think Hudson will stick, but it has more to do with the fact we only have 16 players in camp and Sweetney's out of shape. I wouldn't be surprised if Sweetney is picked instead or if both stick and JR is waived. We shall see.

Other thoughts:
Awesome scoreboard. Could do without dancing fools on the jumbotron during every stoppage of play (maybe highlights every once in awhile?), but listening to music and laughing at people is MUCH better than the last time I was at the Boston FleetTD Bank North Fleet Bank TD Bank Center Garden and during every stoppage of play they were honoring another rich fan with some sponsored corporate award. If it hasn't been proven yet a million times, white people 100% certifiably can not dance. The point move? Really? There was a kid doing some awesome Michael Jackson moves yesterday. oddly enough he looked exactly like I'd imagine Lester Hudson at that age some 30 years ago (joke about another mid 20's player Danny has drafted. Didn't he learn anything from Dave Gavitt and Michael Smith? Hmm, I think Ainge was gone by then).

Willie Maye is like the Santa Claus of the Garden. Seems like a real nice guy and makes an effort to connect with the fans. I had forgotten about him. He should still be doing the sidelines stuff. Dickerson's actually not as obnoxious as his buddies Tanguay and Felger, but I'm not sure Maye should have been let go from that role. Bring him back or bring in Heidi Watney.

Thought it was cool that they had the Sox game on in the concourse after the game and they weren't kicking us out in the top of the 9th. Pagliuca might have gotten some more votes right there. But then they sent a security minion to turn off the TV with one out in the top of the ninth and had the police kick everyone out...and Pagliuca loses votes (insert joke about maybe he'll get votes for sparing us from the bottom of the 9th. Wasn't going to throw that in, but hate people stealing my stuff after the fact, so its been used. Now you can't. Ha).

Ok that's about it. Hope both of you enjoyed this.