"They had an opportunity, and they didn’t do nothing.”

I've said it before and I'll say it again, Danny should have never let Powe leave. Offering him a contract after he's agreed to terms with Cleveland is weak. They should of signed him before Powe went shopping. And it wasn't like Powe wanted much at all. So what if he couldn't play until the All-Star break? Scal could be our 5th big until then. No offense to Shelden Williams, but I don't think he brings what Powe does. Then when you add in the fact that Powe was a great role model, put the team before free agency by coming back to early from an injury to play against Chicago with KG and Scal on the shelf, and wanted to stay a Celtic so bad...well it's still bothersome. The Herald has a piece on Powe's "strange" reunion with his former teammates.

Doc Rivers, Paul Pierce, Kendrick Perkins,  Kevin Garnett, Tommy Heinsohn - any member of the Celtics who saw Leon Powe in his courtside seat last night made the pilgrimage.
As happy as he was to accept their good wishes, the former C’s forward and current member of the Cavaliers - a dichotomy if ever there was one - couldn’t help but sense the weirdness of it all.

Gone, he insists, is the disappointment of not being retained by the team he helped win its 17th NBA title.“I let that go,” Powe said. “I just called my agent and said find somebody else. It’s over with now. They had an opportunity, and they didn’t do nothing.”