Sweetney Still has a Shot to Make the Roster

Boston Herald:
Michael Sweetney has caught Rivers’ eye. The wide, 6-foot-8 free agent who lost his place in the league because of conditioning issues had two points and two boards in five minutes.
“He’s an NBA player,” Rivers said. “There’s no doubt about it. I mean, he has to get in better shape. We’ll see how that goes. He’s working at it.”
Stay-on-the-Celtic-roster skills?
“There’s a place for everybody - whoever earns it,” Rivers said before the C’s second exhibition game. “I mean, we would obviously have to do something to keep him, but that’s up to him to make us want to do that.”

I guess you can never have too many bigs (but you can have too much big, but he's working on it). He's still only 26, and has shown a nice back to the basket game, which is also a positive, because KG, Rasheed, and Baby all like to step out and shoot the jumper).  Often teams will carry a big as their 14th or 15th men. I would have preferred the rehabbing Powe, but I thought it was going to be Danny's love Robert Swift. Maybe they'll keep Sweetney and get rid of one of Giddens, Walker, or Hudson. I actually think Hudson has more security than Giddens, based on position, but we shall see. Nothing wrong with a little competition in camp.