“Some of them cats are felonious, man”

Some of them cats are felonious, man,” ’Sheed famously declared, even before Donaghy became a felon.
It appears that NBA players, coaches and front office executives are not dismissing Donaghy's claims. Yahoo
Was Wallace targeted? Well, here’s Donaghy, according to Deadspin’s excerpt:
“To have a little fun at the expense of the worst troublemakers, the referees working the game would sometimes make a modest friendly wager amongst themselves: first ref to give one of the bad boys a technical foul wouldn’t have to tip the ball boy that night.
“After the opening tip, it was hilarious as the three of us immediately focused our full attention on the intended victim, waiting for something, anything, to justify a technical foul. If the guy so much as looked at one of us and mumbled, we rang him up. Later in the referees’ locker room, we would down a couple of brews, eat some chicken wings, and laugh like hell.”
Donaghy's Book Bombshells