"Rondo’s the closest thing the Celtics have had since Cousy"

We really are lucky to have the announcer pair of Mike and Tommy. I think Gorman is the best play by play man in the business and the telecasts are sorely lacking when Donny has to replace Tommy. Heinsohn  has 11 rings as a player and 2 more as a coach and you just can't replace his knowledge of the game, storytelling, or Celtics love. Every game something the pair says cracks me up. In this week's Cleveland game when Tommy sarcastically said "Kiss his ring" because the refs wouldn't call anything on Lebron, Gorman was quick to say, "He doesn't have any." Chad Finn recently interviewed the pair. You should read the whole Globe article , but since Rondo is in the news again because of the new ESPN the Magazine article, I thought I'd post Heinsohn's views on Rondo.
"[The perception that Rivers has an issue with Rondo is] ridiculous. Doc’s not knocking the kid, he’s an ex-point guard trying to get the best out of him. Rondo has terrific confidence, he’s 23 years old, he has Hall of Fame potential. So what if he doesn't have a 3-point shot. He has a terrific basketball mind. He's the best athlete on the team. Making a big deal [out of Rivers’s comments] is just talk-show stuff, something to flap about. Rondo’s the closest thing the Celtics have had since [Bob] Cousy. He’s a master of the offense, he's aggressive, he controls the pace. Without him, this team goes nowhere, all right?
"You write this: ‘Tommy says leave the kid alone!' "

100% spot on. I bolded the three most important comments. Rondo does have hall of fame potential and we have been waiting for a point guard of his caliber for so many years.  And if you want to keep dogging the kid just remember you're going against Tommy's wishes.