A Recipe for Disaster

A recurring theme this Summer, which has now stretched into this Fall has been the Celtics brass's continued public criticisms of Rajon Rondo. Either directly and openly public by Danny and Doc or by leaks the hits just keep coming. I think this constant need to bash a player to a media member and/or someone "leaking" private discussions is a recipe for disaster. Enough is enough. If the goal was to light a fire under Rondo, doing it once would suffice. If this in fact a problem of leaks, then Wyc/Danny need to get to the bottom of this at once. Some things should be kept in house and they keep coming out with the Celtics. The Patriots do a good job of not throwing this stuff out and the Sox after the whole Theo gorilla incident have done a much better job plugging their leaks. If this doesn't stop your going to turn off Rondo from Boston and he'll be gone. And despite the claims that no one likes Rondo on the team, we just posted a recent interview on here from Perk where he talks about his strong friendship with Rajon and how he hangs with Rondo all the time, so you might end up driving Perk away as well. Add to the fact that Baby is not a happy camper and Leon Powe was shown the door after risking his career for the team and you'll get the reputation of not the best environment for young players. Plug up the leaks and seal the lips. This has to stop.