Pre-season Game 1 tonight, FINALLY!

Tonight. 8:30 PM EST. Comcast SportsNet. Be there.

around 8:10 I will be pissing myself with pee made of pure happiness.

Then around 8:15 I will be changing my undies, showering and putting on my pierce jersey.

Then finally, the moment Kendrick Perkins dominates not-Yao Ming off the opening tip, Sam Adams, his three identical twins, and myself can finally relax and enjoy. I don't care that this isn't the regular season yet. In some respects, it's better. Don't freak out, let me explain.

The game changes when you don't have to win. After all the moves made in the off-season, I am excited to see all the players getting a chance. I want to see how J.R. has progressed. I want to see maybe a supersonic Rondo-Hudson duo. How about seeing the high-flying potential of Daniels (which was buried somewhere in Indiana until now) and Tony Allen together.

We'll have all season (hopefully) to see Rondo lob the ball to Garnett at the rim, or my favorite thing, Perk simultaneously dunking and smack-talking, both are things I've sorely missed, but now is our chance to see how these new guys work together, and how they work with the returners. There's plenty of reason to be excited about the pre-season, so watch the games!!!