The Oracle was first set in Spain

There was a time when the future of the Boston Celtics was something hard to foresee. We had a diamond hidden under a solid rock from Texas on the bench, and a fast ball running without control as a back up point guard. Danny Ainge had chosen, but so far it seemed like a long shot that those two players could contribute in the near future. The fans longed for impossible comeback heroics with limited rosters, as our team leader was slowly growing anxious on the court. He didn't see a future for his team, and his own fate in the Celtic franchise history was starting to blacken.

It is commonly said that in order to solve the most troublesome situations in life, one must look at the matters with perspective. From the other side of the horizon, on the coasts of fair weathered Spain, the future of the Shamrock franchise would start to shape. The legend says that the Celtics looked into the warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea to predict their future in the league. And just there, on a placid day of 2004 in Hospitalet de Llobregat, the surface of the water reflected the image of a unique player: Rajon Rondo.

That day, the basketball gods gave birth to the perfect basketball point guard. Gifted with a unique court vision, a lightning speed and out of this world athleticism, the young Rondo opened his eyes to his own basketball legend. Against one of the most reputated young squads in Spain, Estudiantes de Madrid, Rondo and his bloodline from Oak Hill academy cruised for a 126-90 victory. Sergio Rodriguez (a.k.a. "White Chocolate" currently playing for the Sacramento Kings) tried in vain to contain the rage and power of the newborn star. But nothing worked. Rajon scored 22 baskets, drew 9 illegal contacts, shared the ball with success 7 times and dunked several times over the heads of the Madrid young rising stars. 55 points carved on the stones, 55 reasons to believe in destiny.

The vision of greatness and renewed legendary success and glory for your Boston Celtics was once set on the coasts of Spain