Isiah's Son Defends his Pops

Joshua Thomas has written a piece for RealGm calling out Magic some more. I guess Isiah's son is now a writer for RealGm.
Magic Johnson has sold out.  Yes, the same Magic Johnson that has positioned himself as a model citizen and role model throughout much of his life in the spotlight (he has practically turned his disease into a positive feature of his being).  Magic has apparently come to the conclusion that profits from another “athlete authored,” consumer-driven book outweigh the benefits of lasting friendships.
Magic, you have a problem with Isiah?  Are you worried your boy was questioning your sexuality?  Interesting considering you chose to maintain a personal relationship (I will avoid the word friendship, sort of) with Isiah, but nonetheless, problems are problems and you obviously feel compelled to express them.  Fine, nobody can argue with that; deal with the situation… as a man. 
There's a lot more in the story (letter?), but this is getting pretty interesting. I wonder if Cookie is going to write something next. Definitely not a fan of Zeke, but somehow Magic seems in the wrong here. There are so many issues at play from the Olympic snub, to the All-Star freeze, to how homosexuality is viewed in the African-American community. There have been rumors for years that both Magic and Isiah were bisexual. Who cares? Is Magic that hung up over Isiah asking his agent if Magic was gay? It's not like he questioned Magic as a player, a teammate, or as a person. This seems like some Tim Hardaway nonsense to me. One thing is for sure, the book is going to sell through the roof.