Do the Celtics have Chemistry Issues?

According to today's Boston Herald, things were not so rosy last year with the Celtics. Here's Doc speaking:
I thought last year there were so many other things going on - you know, contracts, fanfare, all that. I tell you, I think especially with the young guys, admiration is a difficult beast to deal with. How you handle that on a day-to-day basis is very challenging. I think that was a distraction that as a group we didn’t handle nearly as well as I’d like and as well as we could have.
“I thought we had a lot of different agendas. Guys were looking out for their own situations more than the team situation. That came through all year. It was never anything really big, but it was there all year. You could see it in little things, and I think when you take it as a whole it really had an effect on our season.”

If I had to guess who Doc was calling out, I'd guess the usual suspect Rajon Rondo. Glen Davis is a possibility too, but it's just speculation. If you like to drink the green Kool Ade or wear those fancy green tinted glasses, you'll probably dismiss the article as nothing much, but I fear that there is this underlying problem that Doc and Danny and possibly Celtics players have with Rajon Rondo. Maybe, I'm just thinking about this because Danny isn't trying very hard to extend Rondo, but there's starting to be a lot of smoke out there (late for games, different agendas, work ethic, etc). The positive spin is that was last year and none of this is relevant now. Everyone's saying the right thing about contracts and minutes right now, but hopefully during the dog days of the season it won't reappear as an issue.  Since I really want to see Rondo locked up to a long term deal in Boston, I'm going to assume Doc was mainly talking about Gabe Pruitt and Patrick O'Blount and just enjoy my weekend.