Celtics/Knicks Box & Bullets

Box Score
  • KG throwing down dunks is comforting
  • Rondo could easily score 20 a night on a lesser team. The idea that he would be nothing without the Big 3 is laughable
  • 'Sheed needs to get into better shape. Right now he's huffing and puffing and walking down the court 
  • Teams are going to pressure Will.I.Am Marquis in the backcourt to slow our rhythm
  • Perkins is running the court much better this year with the weight loss
  • Knicks don't play defense, but the C's weren't that great either at that end. Why they let the Knicks shoot so many uncontested 3's is puzzling
  • Maria Menounos should become a CelticsLife member
  • So many failed alley-oop passes tonight (mostly by the Knicks)
  • Tommy: "I don't like Nate." Neither do I
  • David Lee could play on my team any day
  • How did Al Harrington not fit in the Golden State system?
  • Should be an interesting game tomorrow with the starters sitting it out.
  • Baby's getting squeezed in the minutes crunch
  • Scal is not a 3. He's an undersized 4 and he'll stuggle out of position
  • Gallinari looked pretty good tonight, though I think he made an enemy in Pierce
  • Gorman: "The one man gang Eddie is." House continues to do his Microwave impersonation
  • Knicks won it in the 4th playing their starters vs. the C's third string