Celtics making Rondo another offer today

Glen Ordway on WEEI is reporting that the C's are making Rajon Rondo another offer today. The deadline for agreeing to an extension is fast approaching, but it appears more likely that both sides won't come to an agreement. Stranger things have happened though. Don't hold your breath, but this is better than no news on the Rondo contract front.

Update via WEEI
The general consensus last week was that Saturday’s deadline to extend players from the 2006 draft class would pass without the Celtics and Rajon Rondo coming to an agreement...Now it looks like their might be some movement. WEEI.com learned that the Celtics will offer Rondo a long-term deal and the two sides are expected to talk tonight. Of course “talking” and “signing” are two different things, but presumably the Celtics have an idea where Rondo and his agent, Bill Duffy, want to be on the numbers. Put it this way: There was no indication there would even be talks last week.