The Beast stands up for Big Baby

As we predicted, the C's have gone the Monta Ellis route and suspended Glen Davis indefinitely (without pay) as he recovers from his thumb injury. Kendrick Perkins, showing why his teammates love him, has come to Baby's defense.
Kendrick Perkins disagrees with the suspension.
“I don’t like that,” Perkins said. “It’s done with. You don’t have to go there. I know it wasn’t the smartest thing, but at the same time we can’t keep pounding on him about it. We’ve got to be in his corner. I’m sure Baby feels bad enough without them suspending him and taking his money. I don’t think we should cry over spilled milk. It’s happened; it’s done with. What we’ve got to do is be with Baby.
“Things happen in life. He’s going to get a lot of pressure about this. I just think his teammates and the organization needs to be more behind him.”

I expected the C's to make this decision, but I think Perk's comments are a good thing. Many people are writing off Big Baby right now, but as you saw last postseason, you can never have enough quality bigs, so he's going to be needed. Now if you really want to get the Beast mad, then let his best friend Rondo walk next Summer.