Are Leaders Born or Made?

 Is that JR?

In this life of ours you always come across the people that are leaders.  It's unbeknown how they become that- whether it's innate and intuitive all wrapped together.  Maybe it's genetic.  Maybe they're self-made.  Kevin Garnett is a leader.  So was George Washington.  So is JR.

By whichever name you call him by: jr, johnny rondo, johnny late night, he's a born leader.  He's made this blog what it is today.  His hard work and determination.  His will-power and late night hours.  Some of us might take it for granted.  But as a fellow contributor to this site I don't.  He's made it happen.  He built the ark to allow Celtics Life to breathe.  He gave us a place to voice our unabashed opinions, using whichever language we damn please.

So tip your cap.  Give him a feather in his.  JR's the man. 

Thanks Johnny Rondo, for making this a great place.  Your creativity and ingenuity has been great.  Your democratic and censorship-less mentality has been refreshing.  When I want to talk about the C's, I now have a place to go.  All because of your leadership.