The 16th Man

The Globe has some more info on our 16th man:

“He can play, but conditioning is always going to be a factor,’’ Celtics coach Doc Rivers said. “But Michael Sweetney’s an NBA player. There’s no doubt about it. He has great feel around the basket.
“By mid-practice, he takes a dip. The first half of practice, he looks really good, and then right when fatigue happens, he’s gone. And that’s expected.’’
Despite his sojourn, Sweetney doesn’t turn 27 until Oct. 25, and he has very little NBA mileage on his body.

Reading this article makes me want to pull for the guy. Watching the practice last night I was struck by how big he was, but I'm sure he's aware of that. Sounds like depression might be part of the problem with Sweetney and if a team picked him up he might start dropping pounds quick. Washburn suggests that he might have to go to the D-League. At first, I thought Danny might have been doing a favor for some agent by bringing Sweetney into camp, but I think there's a possibility that at some point during the season he might be brought in. Might as well have him learn some of our system and get to know our players now. Best of luck to him.