Why the Lakers Won't Repeat in 2010 (reposted)

You'll see me whining a lot again this year

My apologies to all Laker fans out there: there's not a shot in hell of your team repeating this year. Let me explain.

Lamar Odom's got his contract so you can expect a halfhearted effort including a 44% FG and under 30% 3ptFg year from him.  Teams will leave him wide open to shoot 3's.  He won't be able to hit a bull in the ass.

Pau Gasol, well is soft. So because he's played for so long this year (with the European championships and the extended NBA season) you can expect him to be exhausted.  Especially if guys like Perk, KG and Sheed get to intimidate the European out of him.  Just like Bean once said, "You run into (Kendrick) Perkins and Pau (Gasol) in an alley, you're probably going to go Pau's direction."  That's because he's soft.

Bynum's an injury waiting to happen.  I expect him to play in a bit less than 50 games this season.  Maybe he won't hurt himself vs Memphis this year, but he'll be back at the Playboy mansion acting like a moron.

Derek Fisher's officially done.  For all you Faker fans constantly talking about the Celts' age, this guy's older than all the C's key players.  Rajon will literally run 2 circles around him this year.

Artest is a headcase.  Expect him to snap at the biggest moment possible.  There's a reason his teams have underachieved and it's really because he's a clown.

And Bean can do all his stiff-upper lip shenanigans.  And then he'll curse Tom Thibs for making his life hell.  I look forward to his losing press conferences.

I do think the Celts will win it all this year.  But if they don't, expect Cleveland or someone else to win before the Lakers do.  You heard it hear first.