NBA News: Mavs Making Minor Moves

So the Mavs signed Singleton and are letting Buckner go. They also want to make a 2 for 1 trade to pair their roster down.
Sources told that the Mavericks are actively pursuing two-for-one trades in hopes of easing the roster logjam before training camp starts Sept. 28, with center Nathan Jawai and swingman Shawne Williams among those being made available.
No offense, but the whole I'll trade my two pieces of garbage  16th and 17th players for just one of your players doesn't even work in Fantasy leagues. In a related note, how many of you have Nathan Jawai and/or Shawne Williams in your fantasy leagues?

In a second related note, I think Williams should spell his first name "Chone." In one more related note, I'd love to see Cuban come on here and convince the world that Williams and Jawai are worth something. Don't tell anyone, but its a trap. Then we could say if they're so good, why are you moving both of them and keeping Tim Thomas or whatever other bodies will be filling the 13th to 15th spots.