Kendrick Perkins: More Room to Grow?

Beast Mode

Kendrick Perkins, who we all know is a Beast, turns 25 this November. He's already played 6 seasons in the league. Can he continue to improve? Last year he logged 5 more minutes per game than he did in the 2008 campaign. He averaged a career high in points (8.5) rebounds (8.1) and blocks (just about 2 per game). These were very solid numbers in 29 minutes of playing time.

He also earned the trust of Doc to have him play at the end of games. If you recall back in the championship season of 2008, a lot of those late game 4th quarter minutes would go to James Posey when the Celtics went small. Not so last year.

I think he's in a great spot. With Rasheed Wallace in the mix, I have a feeling he may close a lot of the games. But it's terrific to know if KG or Wallace fouls out, that a poised Perkins can step in and not miss a beat.

Here's hoping he gets similar numbers this year in points, rebounds, minutes and blocked shots, which he lead the Celtics and was 6th total in the NBA (very impressive). Here's also hoping his chronic shoulder problems remain a thing of the past.

Go Perk and Go C's!!!