The Coach After O'Bie & Before Doc

It crossed my mind recently what ex Celtic coach John Carroll has been up to.  You remember, the guy who took over halfway through the 2004 season after Jim O'Brien abruptly announced he had philosophical differences with Danny Ainge.  Carroll was a sitting duck as soon as he came on board.  The C's squeaked into the playoffs that year with Chucky Atkins and Jiri Welsch as key players and were annihilated by the Pacers in a 4 game sweep, one of the most lopsided playoff contests in recent history (watching that series made me ill).

Well I got to thinking what John Carroll is now doing.  But I'm struggling finding anything.  John Carroll University is a Jesuit College in Ohio.  But John Carroll doesn't coach there.

One other thing you may not have known is just how much he resembled ESPN's Sal Paolantonio (pictured here).  In fact did anyone ever see these two guys in the room at the same time?

So since information is so incredibly vague I challenge someone to find out what John Carroll has been doing since he left the Celtics.  Remember he was the last coach that didn't lead the C's to a title lol.

 UPDATE!!!- Thanks to Anonymous below for filling us in!  He's the head coach of the New England Playaz, an AAU team.  Here's a pic of John in action: