Kevin Garnett Update

The Boston Globe:
"Kevin looks good, he's in here working out every day," Ainge said today from the team's practice facility in Waltham. "He's doing his training but he's not playing fullcourt basketball, yet. We're taking it as slow and as cautious as we can with him. He's anxious and he has a ton of energy, but I think he gets it. We don't have bodyguards on him to keep him from working too hard. He's on the program with the staff. We don't have timetables on this. We are going week to week and we'll make a decision on where he is."
Hmm, sounds like he might not be ready to go at the bell, which while not great is ok. The key is having KG healthy in the long run and going into the playoffs this year at 100%. Article also has some stuff on the Rondo contract negotiations (or non-negotiations) and the team's commitment to come to camp a little early.