When it comes to undefeated opponents, nobody has anything on Father Time, and for good reason.

For big men in particular, when your body starts to go in the NBA, your days are numbered, and usually, the waiting is short. For someone who is as clearly important to the Boston Celtics as Al Horford has demonstrated quite convincingly of late, this is something to consider.
Al, while a mobile big who doesn't do as much of the punishing interior work as some of his peers, is starting to get up there in years, and evidently likes to keep fresh for the postseason - and this year in particular, it's been paying huge dividends.

Putting regular-season cretins questioning his commitment and value in their place, he's turned in some truly jaw-dropping performances. In light of the displays of sheer will we've seen out of Horford, drawing Boston's season back from the brink in helping prevent a first-round playoff exit against the Milwaukee Bucks before going ham on the Philadelphia 76ers, there probably aren't many left who still don't get why he matters so much when everything matters so much.

Al was saving himself in the regular season, bearing the criticism of being "average" Al so we can enjoy the fruits of, well, extraordinary Al - amazing, aggressive, effective (and alliterative) Al.

After this rollercoaster of a season, I'll take it. Hell, after any season, I would.

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Image: Brian Babineau/NBAE
Video: Boston Celtics/Tomasz Kordelewski
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