I just had to do this. I am awaiting the next story on Gordon Hayward's whereabouts and rehab progress. I could read he has been launched to the moon in one of North Korea's rockets and believe it as much as he is among the missing, having traveled to Indiana for the sole purpose of working with a running specialist. Don't we have good ones in Boston?

Trust me! This is not a knock on Gordon whatsoever. Nor on the Celtics coach or front office. Just on the reality, or lack of, relating to Gordon's disappearance. Why is he not still in the area? Why is he not on the bench with his teammates?

Once Hayward's cast was off, I have been writing about my amazement at his rapid progress. It wasn't easy. There was little information furnished. And lately, there has been none. I ask why.

I will be the first to state that my analysis of the whole affair may be way off the mark. There was a bit of haze surrounding Marcus Smart's return to action, but not a lot. He was projected to return in 6-8 weeks but did so in 39 days. Then he was projected to be back for Game Six, but actually returned (as I anticipated) last night in Game Five.

But what has this to do with Gordon? I believe there a chance that he is ramping up his rehab and recovery out of sight and sound of the media. I admit I can be totally wrong on this, but I am suspicious. That is my training and my nature.

"Nothing is ever what it appears to be." - Tom Lane

Whether Gordon pushing himself with his rigorous and time-consuming rehab sessions is simply to motivate himself or to return (as a surprise) late in the playoffs (if the Celtics make it there) makes no difference. Marcus Smart returned triumphantly last night against the Bucks - his mom got to watch him in action - and Boston won the game. Another win gets Boston into the Eastern Semi-finals. A great story.

There is a possibility of another one. If it was tough for me writing on this stuff before, it is much more so now with Hayward hundreds of miles away and out of sight and sound. But once the cast was off, the game was on. My 26 years as a Personal Trainer and Health Coach have taught me that the body will respond and adapt to most of what it is subjected to.

The timeline for Gordon's recovery from his devastating injury is not set in stone. There certainly are limits on when he can return and how safe it is for him to do so. But the limits are not rigid. So, earth to Gordon. Where are you and what are you up to? Come in, please!

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Tom Lane 4/25/2018 09:21:00 AM Edit
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