When have you seen such a basketball team of high-character characters? Players with a sound moral compass and well-defined personalities. Jaylen Brown is one such individual, and one of our CelticsLife readers, Lefty, referred to him as Professor Brown and I loved the nickname. It fits like a glove, particularly with the newly-donned eye protection. Getting dunked on can be a learning experience, albeit a degrading one, and in the tweet below we can watch Professor Brown taking the Spurs' Paul Gasol to school with his put-back dunk:

Professor Brown gladly gives other lessons on such subjects as blocking shots, stealing the ball and making clutch shots over defenders. All while maintaining an air of dignity, poise and intelligence. Just what we expect from our scholars. Great nickname, Lefty.

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Photo via VoxMedia, Inc.

Tom Lane 12/09/2017 01:18:00 PM Edit
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