As I'm sure we've all heard: the man, the myth, the legend, Hugh Hefner, passed away last night. Obviously, Hefner is one of the more influential people of his time, having created Playboy Magazine in 1953, changing the way that people have spent their alone time ever since. He's also a role model to all of us for living in one of the dopest party houses ever in the history of the world, where he's hosted just about every celebrity that has ever walked the planet. But aside from that, Hefner was an NBA fan. Well, maybe not a real basketball fan, but he did attend multiple Los Angeles Lakers' games throughout his life because of his friendship with the late Laker's owner, Jerry Buss.

In 2008, during the NBA Finals when the Boston Celtics played the Los Angeles Lakers, Hugh and a few of his girlfriends were in attendance for Game 3. Unfortunately, the Cs didn't play very well, and Kobe Bryant did. Boston lost the contest by six points, 87-81, with Kobe basically dominating the matchup, finishing with 36 points. Paul Pierce only went for six, and shot 2/14 from the fieldI'm sure Hef was happy with the W, although, he was probably leaving with a smile on his face regardless.  


RIP to a true icon; a fairytale-like Prince Charming; a man who has probably kept Viagra in business all by himself; a friend to us all: Hugh Hefner.

Before you go, watch this video of Hefner arriving at a Laker's game. It's like he showed up in a clown car filled with babes. Ladies just keep coming and coming, and when you think every woman has exited the car, another one pops out. And I know what you're thinking: "Odie you idiot, that's a limousine. Literally the opposite of a clown car." Well still! It's a lot of babes, okay!?

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