In their first game home since the Super Bowl the Boston Celtics honored their local football brethren and their most recent world championship as a video tribute to the New England Patriots played during last nights win over the Philadelphia 76ers:

How about that reception for Bob Kraft!?! He's easily Boston's most beloved team owner (sorry Wyc, but if it's any consolation you're definitely the second favorite). Kind of a small turnout for Patriots if the only guys in attendance were Kraft and Patrick Chung, but I'd imagine a week removed from their season most of the guys are off on vacation or back in their hometowns. I was really shocked not to see our boy LeGarrette Blount in the house. The last time the Celtics honored a Pat's Super Bowl just a couple of years ago it was on the same day as the duck boat victory parade through Boston and I remember the Garden was loaded with Patriots players and coaches.

Someone came up with the ultimate troll next time the Atlanta Hawks are in town:

Love it. My only question is do we roll it out during next regular season matchup with them in couple of weeks or do we save it for a possible playoff matchup?


Isaiah Thomas was on the Patriots sideline for the AFC Divisional Playoff round

How LeGarrette Blount became a fixture at Celtics games

Photo Credit - Steve Bulpett/Boston Herald

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Mark Allison 2/16/2017 02:30:00 PM Edit
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