Former Celtics all-star Rajon Rondo can't seem to find a new home. His short stint in Dallas was a disaster. He put up solid numbers in Sacramento on a losing team, but they didn't want him back. And now less than halfway through Rondo's first season in Chicago that relationship has apparently soured as well.

After he was benched for the entirety of Saturday night's 116-96 loss to the Milwaukee Bucks, Bulls point guard Rajon Rondo said he will meet with general manager Gar Forman to discuss his role on the team moving forward.

"Gar and I will talk," Rondo said. "We're going to talk tonight and we'll go from there."

Rondo acknowledged that if the Bulls continue to keep him on the bench, he will speak to management about trying to find a new team.

"Absolutely," he said.

Rondo of course had issues with Doc Rivers here in Boston, but he was such a talent that they were overshadowed. The combination of his ACL injury and more likely the changing NBA game has diminished Rondo's game tremendously. Where he was once a great player with one weakness, his outside shot, that weakness in 2017 for a guard is too major a negative. Add in his temperament issues and no one apparently wants to deal with him any more.

Two players that don't play well in today's game are back to the basket big men who can't stretch the floor and pass first point guards who can't shoot the 3. Think Kendrick Perkins and Rajon Rondo. Just a different game nowadays. Coaches finally realized the math that 3>2. That 33% from 3-point land is greater than 48% from 2 point land. Rondo's defense also isn't on par with what it once was.

It will be hard for the Bulls to find a taker for Rondo. He should stick in the league for a couple years more, but he's kind of entered Marbury territory where he either needs to accept that he's not a star or even a starter anymore or try and find a new league where he can do his thing (like China). We'll keep you posted on any more news regarding Rondo's future.

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