Earlier this week, we pumped the brakes on news about Nerlens Noel changing agents having anything to do with him changing teams - in a trade, anyway.

In a recent post-game interview after being limited to just eight first-half minutes of play, Noel had some choice words concerning his opinion of the minute distribution that night. It's hard to blame a player of his abilities not getting frustrated with the big man-heavy rotation, with the Philadelphia 76ers fielding nearly half a roster spending at least some time in the frontcourt.

It's still by no means certain - even with this latest bit of public displeasure - that Noel is traded before the deadline, but the notion that he may be trying to force the issue is getting harder to argue against. That does not, of course, mean that if he is successful, he'll land with the Boston Celtics (several other teams, notably the Portland Trailblazers, have been tied to Nerlens, with the latter squad becoming a plausible destination if they are granted an injured-player exception with Festus Ezeli undergoing season-ending knee surgery), but this slow-motion train wreck is becoming something worth keeping tabs on.

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Justin Quinn 12/18/2016 01:32:00 PM Edit
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