It seems as if we've gone over this same song and dance multiple times this summer. However, according to the most recent reports, Paul Pierce is indeed planning on coming back for a 19th NBA season with the Los Angeles Clippers. Via ESPN.com:

Although it isn't written in stone, Paul Pierce has decided to return to the NBA for a 19th season, league sources told the Orange County Register.

Pierce, 38, has debated whether to retire or play a second season with the LA Clippers. His coach, Doc Rivers, has said that if Pierce decided to walk away, plans are in place for him to retire as a member of the Boston Celtics. He played the first 15 seasons of his career in Boston, nine of them for Rivers.

Pierce has been going back and forth with his decision for most of the summer now and at times, things pointed towards his retirement. As of right now, sources to tell the OCRegister that he does plan on coming back:

With every move, every signing, a question for the Clippers always loomed in the background – will Paul Pierce be back next season?

The answers have never been certain, and even in mid-August, that’s still the case. But, a probability has emerged, at least for now.

Pierce, an 18-season veteran in the NBA, is planning to return to the Clippers for his 19th season in the league, according to multiple league sources.

Pierce has wavered with his decision for most of the summer, and another change in plans wouldn’t be shocking.

We have Pierce's entire timeline of his decision this summer, dating back all the way to April when he said he was 50/50 on retiring:

This is understandably a very difficult decision for the Celtics legend so it's not a surprise to see Pierce debating back and forth with himself. He looked very old and sluggish at times with the Clippers last year and he didn't get as much playing time as he is used to. It looked like the proverbial piano was on his back many times and he was a step too slow. However, who knows, maybe he's in better shape this offseason and feels fresher.

Pierce has said that his decision to retire is linked with Kevin Garnett as they'd both like to go out together. With Garnett unsure on his retirement status, it's still not entirely known what Pierce will do. While all signs point to him coming back, I myself wouldn't be too surprised if he calls it quits here.

We'd all like to see The Truth play in the Garden one more time come this season as a Clipper so here's to hoping Pierce comes back for one more go around.

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