RJ Hunter is trying to put on some weight before the NBA season gets started. Definitely one of the slimmest guys on the roster, RJ is going to have to put in some work if he truly wants to hit the goal that he and Celtics strength coach Bryan Doo seem to have made, via Jay King of MassLive:

205 pounds, here we come. In his article, Jay King points out that RJ weighed in at 185 before being drafted, and it doesn't look like a ton has changed. But King says:

After measuring in at 185 pounds at the NBA combine last year, Hunter said he gained seven pounds prior to his rookie season. It's not clear exactly what he weighs right now, but based on how he looked in summer league he'll probably need some real work to reach his objective.

If RJ can add some more bulk, it could definitely add to his game and maybe break him into the rotation. It was clear he was getting pushed around because of how slim he was in the NBA, and adding pounds could help him defend against wings. Plus, if he locates his shot, he could be nasty, especially with more weight.

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Topher Lane 7/22/2016 07:32:00 PM Edit
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