Earlier this summer, former Boston Celtics captain Paul Pierce was weighing his options regarding retirement. However, sources indicated yesterday that Pierce has decided stick around and suit up for his 19th season in the NBA in 2016-2017:

Turner later added that a second source indicated that Pierce was still in the decision making process and would be waiting a few weeks to finalize his plans.

So why is this newsworthy? It could be (and most likely is) nothing, but if you don't believe in coincidences, this news came out on the same day that rumors of a 3-way trade between the Boston Celtics, Los Angeles Clippers, and the Sacramento Kings resurfaced, as well as right after Rudy Gay stated publicly that he wants out of Sacramento:

During hour 3 of 98.5's Felger and Mazz radio show on Tuesday (around the 21:30 minute mark for those who want to listen), show producer Jimmy Stewart revisited the trade that was rumored during the Las Vegas Summer League that would have sent Blake Griffin to the Celtics. According to text messages from his "underground sources," Stewart mentioned that before "Doc got cold feet," Paul Pierce was on his way back to Boston.

According to Stewart, here are pieces of what would have been included in the trade:

  • Clippers get: Rudy Gay, the 2018 Nets draft pick, Avery Bradley, and Kelly Olynyk
  • Kings get: Terry Rozier and "undisclosed draft picks"
  • Celtics get: Blake Griffin and Paul Pierce

Felger and Mazz found the above scenario laughable and told Stewart to "go back to your sources," especially because Sacramento doesn't get much in return.

In any case, if there is any truth to the rumors above, it does sound like Danny Ainge is making an effort to try to bring The Truth back to Boston so he can retire in green and white.

While we are discussing coincidences and bringing players back to Boston for sentimental purposes, it should also be noted that Kevin Garnett just posted the below video to his Instagram account. Apart from learning that KG watches "The Price is Right," the takeaway is that he zooms in on an audience member donning a #5 Celtics shirt. Could Garnett want to retire in Boston as well?

A video posted by Kevin Garnett (@tic_pix) on

Photo: Brian Babineau/NBAE/Getty Images

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