Brought to you by the same agent who orchestrated the PR disaster which was "The Decision" back in 2012.

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Projected top pick Ben Simmons and his agent, Rich Paul, are now changing course and plan to wait until after the NBA's draft lottery on Tuesday to decide with which shoe brand to sign, sources told The Vertical.

The thinking from Simmons' camp is straightforward and simple: It’s the Los Angeles Lakers or bust.

Not really a big deal. Paul Pierce grew up wanting to be a Laker and that turned out as well. Brian Shaw as well... Wait never mind on that one.

In other news:

Nice to see Bill Simmons tweet out CelticsLife's and EK's pic this morning. In true Bill Simmons fashion though he crops out the large celticslife.com on the left side of the pic. Simmons has never had any desire to acknowledge any other Celtics bloggers. He wants to be considered the only one. He'll acknowledge mainstream media of course, but that's it. Very good writer. Bigger ego.

Below is the original pic. And in case you are asking, no Ben Simmons doesn't wear #9. And no he can't wear his college number, because it's retired like almost every other number by the Celtics. And no Rondo's number shouldn't be retired. Neither should Ray's or KG's in my opinion (Or half the numbers that have been retired. Jerseys up in the rafters to honor them? Sure. Special night for them? Sure. No one for eternity can wear that jersey number? Ridiculous. It's about the name on the front of the jersey and championships). Don't worry they all will be. Simmons will end up wearing some wack number like 57. And future Celtics will be wearing numbers like 137 or 25.2. And yes I just brought back the word "wack."

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